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15 Weird Things Saiyans Do To Train In Dragon Ball


Some Insane Dragon Ball Training Methods Some Saiyans Like Goku And Vegeta Use To Get Stronger

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Dragon Ball introduced a lot of tropes to anime, especially when it came to training. Every time a modern anime has depicted a character chowing down on a bunch of food, wearing weighted clothing or pushing their body to the limit in order to get even stronger, you can thank Dragon Ball for that. While every character in Dragon Ball has used these training methods, they’re mostly used by the Saiyans of the franchise.

In fact, because the Saiyans have such a specific style of training, we wanted to go through all the things they do to train. From using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the Cell Saga, in the Buu Saga and the Universe 6 Saga to training with weighted clothing, like with Kami and with Whis, to pushing their bodies to the brink of death in order to recover stronger than ever, like in the Frieza Saga, the Saiyans go through a lot to get stronger. They’re also known to train under gods, like in the Saiyan Saga and the Golden Frieza Saga, wear special training outfits, like during the Androids Saga, and eat a lot while training.

The Saiyans are pretty specific when it comes to how they train and get stronger, so check out the video to learn all the ways in which the warrior race power themselves up and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Dragon Ball videos. Thanks for watching and let us know what you think down in the comments.


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