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15 Marvel Scenes Disney Deleted For Crossing The Line

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Not All MCU Scenes Are Accepted By Disney
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Welcome back to your digital home! Today, we’re taking a look under the MCU’s hood. By this we mean some deleted scenes. But not just any scenes left on the cutting-room floor. In particular, scenes that were a tad too “adult” for Disney’s taste. Meaning scenes with excess ruckus and innuendo. All of that may have been inapprops for the House of Mouse. Disney didn’t officially start distributing Marvel films until 2012’s Avengers film. So, the majority of our list is from there onwards. However, we did include a couple pre-Disney. As they were too good for us to leave on the cutting-room floor also.

All fans love deleted scenes from their franchise. Just look at all the attention THAT scene got from Endgame. You know which one we mean! The one that had a lot of knee bending. For today’s video, you can expect many films to be here. Infinity War, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy and so many more will be here! The scenes have many of the MCU’s premier characters. Such as Hulk, Ant Man, Captain America, Thor, and perhaps a couple of surprises! Or not! Who knows?! You can expect a little gore, unfinished CGI, and a few speculations on why it was canned. That’s what we do best! Some of the reasoning for the deleted scenes are understandable for Disney. Some...maybe not so much. That’s for YOU to decide! So, get watching this fun video now!

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