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These habits are really shocking but that's the ugly truth. You probably haven't realized that we do most of these almost every day.

During her lifetime, a woman eats 1.5 kg of lipstick if she uses it every day. Here's what ends up not only on her lips, but also inside of her:

- paraffin accumulates in the liver, kidneys and lymph glands.
- vaseline dries the skin of your lips.
- lanolin disrupts the work of the stomach and intestine.

- carmine can cause skin irritation or allergies.
- mica and silica, these produce the glimmering effect, but can cause skin irritation.

PRESERVATIVES disrupt the work of the internal organs.

AROMATIZERS can cause strong allergic reactions.

AROMA AGENTS raise blood pressure and cause migraines.

Try to use lipstick with more natural ingredients. Instead of lipstick, use lip balm more often. It's colorless, and therefore less harmful.
Don't ever squeeze blackheads!

The core won't fully come out. The skin will be damaged and inflamation will occur. Don't squeeze them in the 'danger zone'. This risks the appearance of the infections in the brain.

Blackheads are easily confused with moles. Don't use tweezers or needles to remove them. You can damage the facial nerve. Plus frequent squeezing of blackheads exhausts the skin's resources. Scars and slashes can be left on the face.

Try to avoid these harmful habits. Stay safe and sound! ; )


0:59 What's contained in a cigarette?
2:29 Harmful habits we thought were good
3:44 What happens to our bodies after cup of coffee
6:21 What happens when you slouch
7:34 Don't apologize, say Thank you!

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