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15 COOL MINI CARS From Past to Present (Viewer Picks)

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Mini cars have been a hot topic for an extraordinary amount of time now, and as a result, we have posted several mini vehicle videos. Each vehicle in this video was selected based on viewer comments and suggestions from our last mini cars video.
Here is our list of 15 cool mini cars from past to present (viewer picks).

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Featured Mini Cars ⭐
#15 Messerschmitt KR 200 Kabinenroller
#14 Honda Z600 Coupe
#13 1960's Austin mini cooper (1959 to 1968)
#12 2012 Scion IQ
#11 Mahindra Electric Car E2o Plus Smart Mini Car
#10 The King Midget Motor CO.
#9 Tata Nano
#8 Hillman Imp
#7 Reliant Rebel
#6 Bob Keyes’s Trivette Mini Car
#5 Elio Motors E1c
#4 Electra Meccanica Solo
#3 The Goggomobil T250
#2 Bond Bug
#1 Microline Mini

Music by X. DeVic 🎧
Produced by Xplicit De'Vic

Voice talent Glenn Nobel 🗣

15 COOL MINI CARS From Past to Present (Viewer Picks)
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