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14 iPhone Settings Apple Doesn't Want You To Turn Off

Payette Forward

David & David tell you about 14 iPhone settings Apple doesn’t want you to turn off. Limit the amount of data Apple collects about you, eliminate marketing spam, and more!

1. Analytics & Improvements [0:18]
2. InApp Ratings & Reviews [1:29]
3. Marketing Emails From Apple [1:54]
4. Personalized Recommendations [2:31]
5. Personalized Ads [2:59]
6. "Privacy Preserving" Ad Measurement [3:28]
7. Music Quality Settings [4:49]
8. Back Up Over Cellular [5:45]
9. Manage Your iCloud Backups [6:34]
10. Optimized Battery Charging [7:34]
11. AutoBrightness [8:28]
12. TwoFactor Authentication [9:01]
13. Default Browser [9:34]
14. Product Improvement [10:25]

iPhone Settings you NEED to turn off:

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