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14 Awesome Beds You Won't Believe Exist


14 Creative and Comfy Beds That Prove Bedrooms Don’t Have to Be Boring. How to choose the most comfortable bed? Would you like to sleep in a bed like this?

Whether it’s reading a book or drinking a cup of tea, life doesn’t really get any more relaxing than when you’re under the covers.
The chance to lie in a soft, warm and cosy bed is probably the one thing we value the most when the weather’s cold and the sky is grey.
Here are 14 of the most creative and comfiest bed designs we’ve ever seen. You’ll want to stay snuggled up forever!

The hamburger bed 0:17
My Neighbour Totoro 0:50
The nest bed 1:15
The space bed 1:51
The rocking chair bed 2:16
The bed with the built-in TV 3:00
The bed for those who love pizza 3:37
The bed which hangs from the ceiling 4:03
The zip bed 4:48
The book bed 5:28
The giant cat bed 6:02
The roller coaster bed 6:31
The fetal position bed 7:04
Bonus: the liquid bed 7:24

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