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13 Weird Things People Believe In Different Countries


Different countries have different superstitions. Some of them are even related to avoiding a real danger (like not wearing red during storms). But of course, most of these beliefs just seem bizarre for foreigners. For example, Koreans never give their partners shoes, Russians never give yellow flowers to their loved ones, and Italians try not to spill olive oil. Fear of the number 4, being happy after stepping in dog poo, never putting keys on the table... No, these aren’t some strange ticks but just some examples of superstitions that different nations believe in!

By the way, in this video are three cats hidden. If you can spot all of them, you're more attentive than most people!

Chinese people avoid the number 4 0:48
Swedish people don't put their keys on the table 1:53
British people always say “rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of the month 2:30
Italians try not to spill olive oil 3:35
Koreans never give their partners shoes 4:29
Icelanders believe that knitting outside prolongs winter 5:23
Japanese people never sleep facing north 6:03
Germans often knock on the table in a pub 6:43
French people consider stepping in dog poop lucky 7:39
Filipinos never wear red during storms 8:29
Norwegians never whistle towards the sun 9:08
Russians never give yellow flowers to their loved ones 9:49
Spanish people eat 12 grapes on New Year's Eve 11:41

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- According to Chinese traditions, the number 4 is part of the unlucky group. The reason why it's considered a bad number is because in Chinese it sounds really similar to the word “death.”
- In Swedish culture, setting keys on the table is considered really bad luck. Historically speaking, this superstition goes way back in the day when prostitutes would advertise their availability exactly like that.
- You have to say the word “rabbit” 3 times in a row first thing in the morning on the first day of the month. If you do exactly so, you'll get a present before the end of the month!
- Italians believe that accidentally spilling olive oil will bring bad luck and misery.
- If you have a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend, one thing is certain: they'll never buy you a new pair of shoes. And it's not because they don't love you, it’s just that they’re afraid of losing you!
- Icelandic superstition forbids knitting on your doorstep during winter. Otherwise, you’ll prolong the cold season. So, if you’re ever visiting Iceland in the winter, you better keep your knitting indoors!
- At funerals in Japan, the casket is always positioned with the deceased’s head to the north. That's why Japanese people are extremely careful while setting up beds in their homes.
- Some time ago, all pub tables were made of oak, which was believed to be a holy tree that no evil can touch. From that moment on, Germans started to knock on this holy wood.
- People in France believe that stepping in dog poop with your left foot means that good luck awaits you (after you clean the poo off your shoes, of course).
- The Philippines faces its fair share of tropical storms and even has certain superstitions connected to it.
- Norwegians believe that when you whistle in the direction of the sun, you basically tempt fate and call the rain.
- Russians believe that yellow flowers signify separation and divorce.
- The Spanish eat one grape with each bell strike at midnight on New Year’s Eve going into New Year’s Day.

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