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13 Ways Poor People Waste Money But Rich Don't


It seems like rich people can get anything and everything they want, considering all that money they have! But then why don't they drop bills left and right buying things that poorer people take loans to get? Well, the purchases that wealthy people tend to avoid might actually shock you!

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Expensive Grooming 0:24
Numerous Credit Cards 1:05
Junk Food 1:46
Overpriced Homes 2:33
Fancy Toys for Kids 3:15
Personal coaches 3:44
Fortune-tellers, mystics, and psychics 4:23
Trendy Interior Designs at Exorbitant Prices 5:23
Additional Education for Their Kids 6:09
Video Games and TV Channels 6:53
Luxury Brands 7:18
Things That Won't Last 7:55
Latest Versions of Popular Gadgets 8:22

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- Rumor has it that the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, spends $19,000 on his haircut. Even if that’s true, most rich people don't share this approach to grooming.
- Only 8% of wealthy people have more than one bank card. At the same time, 77% of low-income earners carry numerous credit cards in their wallets.
- Despite popular myths, rich people don't eat lobsters and ribeye steaks every day. But at the same time, they try to steer clear of junk food.
- Even though almost any millionaire can afford a spacious house in a trendy neighborhood, they still search for good deals!
- Most wealthy people try to stay reasonable and avoid pampering their children. They opt for high-quality and long-lasting toys as well as for something simple.
- Most life coaches target low-income people who aren't at the height of their careers. A lot of people have an inherent belief in miracles, and for them, it's all too easy to think that there is a magic pill which can change their life for the better.
- Since logical thinking and an analytical mind are some of the most important qualities for achieving success and becoming rich, it's no wonder that millionaires don't visit psychics and fortune-tellers.
- New trends in interior design regularly appear in stores, and some people rush after fashionable home items, not wanting to fall behind in modern style. Interestingly, most of these customers are average income earners.
- Most wealthy people know that too much of everything won't make you financially successful. And excess tutoring won't turn you into a skillful entrepreneur.
- Obviously, the rich and powerful can afford clothes created by any fashion designer, but do they buy up all the latest collections? Nope!
- All wealthy people realize that the cheapest item isn't always the most profitable. When buying something, you need to consider how the price tag today compares with the thing's worth over time.
- Interestingly, millionaires aren't gadget-crazed. They can easily use old phone and laptop models as long as they work well. Besides, even if they do buy expensive state-of-the-art gadgets, that's most likely not because they feel the need to follow the trend.

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