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13 Hygiene Things We Learnt to Do Wrong


It’s your personal sanctuary, your private concert stage, the place where all your most ingenious ideas and random thoughts pop into your head, and other things just pop out. It's the bathroom, also known as the restroom, lavatory, and, for you engineers out there, it’s the cubical digestive elimination venue. But do you know that when it comes to what you’re doing in there, you probably make some common sanitation mistakes?

For example, you think you're washing your hands correctly? Well, besides the water temperature, the problem is, the average person doesn’t spend enough time washing their hands. Or maybe you wash your face in the shower? Not the best option, too. By the way, where do you keep your towels? Right there in the bathroom? It's better to store them elsewhere (of course, unless you wanna rub fungus all over your body).

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Are you paying attention to your toothbrush? 0:38
When did you buy that loofah? 1:23
Are you washing your hands correctly? 2:02
Do you go overboard with the exfoliation? 2:48
Does your shower curtain fit the tub? 3:33
Do you wash your face in the shower? 4:13
Do you use a towel after a shower? 4:40
Do you flush the right way? 5:16
Is your toilet brush clean enough? 6:12
Do you wear shower shoes? 7:07
Where do you keep your towels? 7:36
You using a medicine cabinet for medicine? 8:15
Are you making the most of your cleaning? 8:54 #hygiene #badhabits #brightside

- Your toothbrush is home to more than 10 million bacteria, including E. coli! This nasty germ can cause diarrhea and vomiting.
- You can’t really get clean in the shower if you’re rubbing germs all over your body. You should throw away your loofah if it’s older than 3 weeks.
- No difference in washing up with hot or cold water if you scrub, rinse, and dry them properly. In both cases, you’ll remove pretty much the same number of bacteria.
- Exfoliating your body in the shower is a great way to remove dead skin cells and dirt. But if you do it way too often, it can dry out your skin.
- If your shower curtain is too long and wide for your tub, it’ll keep bulging and folding in different places. Those places become damp, humid, and confined after each shower. And that’s a perfect environment for mold to grow.
- Washing your face with freezing cold water can lead to broken blood vessels, causing little thread veins to appear. The best option here is to use lukewarm water and do it over the sink.
- It’s better to gently pat your skin with a towel post-shower. And if you’re going to use any moisturizer, put it on right away after you’ve stepped out of the shower.
- If you flush the toilet while the lid is up, then tiny particles from um…whatever you just left in the toilet -- will spray up in the air over a 15-foot radius.
- The toilet brush should soak in water mixed with bleach for a bit and then be dried fully. The holder needs to be disinfected too.
- Many people wrongly believe that the dirtiest place in a bathroom is the toilet seat. But in reality, the floor has much more bacteria, especially if you don’t follow that lid-closing tip!
- You using a medicine cabinet for medicine? The heat and moisture in your bathroom can mess with its chemistry.
- Not many are aware of the little secret that can make a cleaning sesh even more effective. Raising the air temperature by 10 degrees will be enough to make the alkaline cleansers you use work their magic better and faster.

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