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This video was shot in beautiful Bucharest, Romania :)

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“How Old Can We Get?” Vsauce1 video:

The Universal History of Numbers:

Highest number counted to with one breath:

Highest number counted to:

Video of Harper reaching one million:

Jon Counts to 100,000 (part 1):

Jon Eats Carrots:

Jon Drinks Water:


Vi Hart on logarithms and counting:

Logarithmic perception:

Thinking logarithmically:

psychophysics of price:'_Price_Search_Decisions_for_Durable_Goods


approximate number system:

numerical cognition:

Panamath ANS test:

Planck Length:

interactive “scale of the universe”: What If The Earth Stopped Spinning? Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? • − − • • • − • − • • • − − •. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? EPIC LEAPS. We Are All Related. Who Owns The Moon? How To Count Past Infinity. What's Left? LONELY.

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