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12 Things You’d Better Do at Night Instead of in the Morning


There are many things we do in the morning, because it seems like the perfect and only possible time for them. It turns out we make a huge mistake but you can avoid it if you follow some simple everyday rules. Note, there’s a bonus in the end of the video that explains how we can get good sleep with the help of a pencil.
If you don’t eat a few hours before you go to bed, you won’t sleep well. Hunger often causes insomnia and if you go to bed without having dinner you’ll probably need a large breakfast. Evening strolls are proven to be good for health and they help cope with insomnia, according to National Sleep Foundation research.
Thorough planning before bed will help you stay calm in the morning and perform all necessary actions step-by-step without wasting precious time and energy. The same is true for your outfit and lunch.

Spend at least 10 minutes meditating before you go to bed. It’s important to concentrate your attention on your inner awareness. Reading is another great way to relax because plunging into a different world helps in getting rid of the stress from daily problems better than both tea and music.
Brushing the hair before bed cleans away dead cells, dust, and skin fat. And a light massage with a smooth brush helps transport oxygen and nutrient rich materials to the roots. In the morning, you won’t need to style your hair in a hurry.

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Eating meat or cottage cheese 0:56
Walking 1:36
Thinking over an action plan for the upcoming day 2:18
Airing out you room 3:07
Preparing your lunch and outfit in advance 4:04
Doing yoga and meditating 4:42
Taking hot shower or bath 5:26
Reading something you want to remember 6:04
Eating a kiwi to sleep well 6:53
Drinking a glass of cherry juice 7:41
Brushing your hair 8:17
Analyzing the day 8:50
Bonus: a pencil can help cope with snoring and headaches 9:19

-It’s good to eat some meat or cottage cheese before bed because both products contain a lot of protein and tryptophan.
-A stroll before bed will help you “step over” all the worries of the day and avoid insomnia and some other health problems.
-Making your plans at night contributes to keeping your life in order.
-Open the window in your bedroom at night to cool the air and help white fat transform into brown and improve your metabolism.
-If you have your outfit and lunch prepared for the next day, it will save your time and nerves in the morning.
-Evening yoga helps put our thoughts and emotions in order, relieve tension, and get us ready to greet the next day.
-A change in body temperature during a hot shower creates an impulse in our body to fall asleep faster. A warm tub is actually a great way to cope with insomnia.
-Your brain memorizes everything better at night.
-Consuming 2 kiwi one hour before going to bed over the course of a month helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
-2 glasses of cherry juice before bed help you sleep nearly 90 more minutes a night.
-Brushing the hair before bed cleans away dead cells, dust, and skin fat.
-Studies show that doing a daily analysis before sleep is very useful.
-During your free time, place a pencil between your teeth and hold it for 5-10 minutes. This simple exercise can help cope with snoring and also relieve a headache.

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