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12 Things to Avoid If You Want to Become Rich


If you want to be successful and rich, but something always seems to be standing in your way, you might be making one of the most common mistakes that prevent us from getting more money. Financial experts and world-famous business magnates and Facebook COO share some simple rules how to make more money and save it.
In her book Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Barbara Stanny explains that women who don’t earn much have a lot in common. Too many of them are ready to settle for a lower salary because they underestimate themselves as professionals and even see their achievements as a mere coincidence or just good luck. On the other hand, men tend to overestimate their professional skills, and that’s what helps them climb to the top.
All work must be paid for and working on your own time is only acceptable in rare emergency situations. If your responsibilities have increased but your salary hasn’t, don’t be afraid to ask for a promotion.
There are lots of reasons why people spend more time at work than they are scheduled: poor time management, an urge to show that you’re a super responsible employee and having confidence in your own indispensability. But constantly working overtime won’t help you earn more money at all.
If you love your job, you’ll do it with pleasure and excitement, helping you increase productivity. And your boss will notice your sincere devotion and enthusiasm and become interested in your professional growth. If you're scared to make a complete change right away, take small steps towards your dream job.
Money can open a lot of doors for you, but it shouldn’t be the primary reason for having a certain job. Don't forget that nothing stands still, the world is always changing. You might earn enough today, but nobody knows what tomorrow brings. Broaden your horizons as often as you can, additional knowledge never hurt nobody! Take risks and believe in yourself. Doing at least a little bit more every day and changing the game is a sure-fire way to the top!

Diamond Ortiz - Seven Twenty

Underestimating your professional value 0:45
Working for free 1:43
Being afraid to ask for a promotion 2:25
Forgetting that time is money 3:12
Constant late nights at work 4:07
Looking ahead instead of looking around 4:58
Not asking yourself the most important question 5:46
Considering money the main goal 6:36
Settling for the status quo 7:16
Using work to hide from personal problems 8:03
Neglecting your health and appearance 8:54
Only doing the bare minimum 9:45

-If you think you’re not qualified enough for a certain position, it mentality keeps you from shooting for higher pay rates or positions. Believe in yourself and you can shatter that glass ceiling to shreds!
-Remember all work must be paid for and working on your own time is only acceptable in rare emergency situations.
-If you're waiting for the perfect moment to ask for a promotion, statistics say it’s the first half of Friday.
-Always be careful with your time because, unfortunately, you can't get it back.
-Come up with your own unique schedule instead of spending all night at the office, constantly working overtime won’t help you earn more money at all.
-Don’t ignore other spheres around you that don’t necessarily correlate with your own, this way you’ll only contribute to further success.
-Don't waste your time at a job you hate, start doing what you love, and success will follow.
-The most unreasonable thing is staying at a job to earn money just for the sake of earning money.
-Each day, try to do a little more than you did the day before. That’ll kick start you in the right direction to success.
-Try to resolve your personal conflicts and misunderstandings right away so that they don’t become a huge burden that makes your life miserable.
-Scientists think that tall thin people have better developed social skills, their emotional intelligence level is higher, and they’re more confident.
-To show interest in your professional growth, try to do more than everyone expects of you. Take initiative if you see that your idea can optimize the working process.

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