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(1/2) Legionnaire(Tad corporation Arcade game/Not MAME) - 1CC


Game setting : Factory setting.
This movie is based on my Arcade PCB, not MAME. Old Arcade games 70´s 80´s 90´s - MAME Arcade part 1. All MAME Arcade Games - Every Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator Game In One Video pt.1. X-men arcade 1992 game gameplay and ending. Zero Team (Arcade/Seibu Kaihatsu/1993 Spin) [720p]. Arcade Longplay [315] Liquid Kids. ARCADE TOP 115 - NO CHEESY - PART 4 /6 - (MAME) best game xbox ps3. GEE BEE: Namco's 1st ever arcade game -SGR. [UME] The Gladiator / Road of the Sword (c)2003 IGS. Fighting Games - A Genre that Keeps Struggling. [MAME] Legionnaire - current emulation status (10-May-2017).

posted by o1i3n