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12 Emotions You Might Feel But Can't Explain


Have you ever felt a certain way, but you just couldn’t explain exactly what you were feeling? Human emotion is an extremely complex thing, and “happy” or “sad” or “mad” just don’t do it justice. But even the most complicated and indescribable emotions have names!

Now, you won’t find any of the following words in a dictionary. Well, actually, you can, but only in one: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. This is an entirely online dictionary created by writer John Koenig. In it, he describes and gives names to an array of human emotion that we haven’t yet put to words.

Sonder 1:51
Hanker sore 2:41
Lachesism 3:16
Ellipsism 4:20
Mauerbauertraurigkeit 5:05
Gnossienne 6:02
Liberosis 6:54
Monachopsis 7:44
Onism 8:30
Nighthawk 9:15
Catoptric tristesse 10:02
Jouska 10:47

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- Sonder is one of those feelings that catches you off guard. You’re just going about your business when you suddenly understand that every anonymous person around you has their own goals, fears, and routine that you'll never know.
- Hanker sore is when you find someone so attractive that it even kinda makes you mad. And nobody is even sure why they feel this way about a good-looking person.
- Lachesism is the desire to be struck by a disaster, whether it’s surviving a plane crash or losing everything in life. The actual term comes from the Greek word “lachesis,” which means “the disposer of lots”.
- Ellipsism is definitely one of the most common feelings in your emotional range! Among those who are most prone to this emotion are scientists, researchers, artists, and anyone who looks at the world around them with great curiosity.
- Mauerbauertraurigkeit describes the desire to push people away, even your loved ones! It's no secret that low esteem often causes us to feel like we’re not good enough. Well, this paves the way for an urge to keep others from seeing our imperfections up close. As a result, we decide not to show them anything at all because it seems easier.
- Until gnossienne one day takes hold of your brain, and you suddenly realize that your loved ones have an inner world that you know absolutely nothing about and will never have access to!
- If you tend to worry a lot and the thought of losing control of your life scares the heebie-jeebies out of you, then you’ve probably experienced liberosis at least every now and again.
- If you often feel like you never really belong somewhere, then that would be monachopsis. Koenig’s dictionary describes it as “the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place”.
- Onism is especially common among travelers and adventurers. It's basically an understanding of how little of the world you actually experience. The world is so big and full of countless beautiful places that it can be overwhelming when you start to think about it.
- The Dictionary describes nighthawk as “a recurring thought that only seems to strike you late at night.”
- Dictionary defines catoptric tristesse as “the sadness that you'll never really know what other people think of you, whether good, bad, or if at all”.
- You ever have full-on imaginary conversations with someone in your head? Then congratulations! You're definitely familiar with jouska! Koenig’s dictionary calls jouska “a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head”.

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