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11 Tips That'll Save Your Life In a Critical Situation


How to protect yourself in a critical situation? Knowing some useful pieces of advice for different life situations can be really helpful!
There is hardly anyone who’d want to find themselves in a dark alley with a strange person chasing them or get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. What would you do if the person chasing you grabbed you by force and took you to their car? What if you don’t have a spare tire and the “nearest” service station is actually many miles away?

If somebody is trying to take you away by force 0:58
If you’re in an elevator with a criminal 1:34
How to understand when a storm is coming 2:06
If you get a flat tire 2:53
Stay focused during a plane’s takeoff and landing 3:24
Put out a fire with baking soda 3:53
How to quickly calm down when panicking 4:32
Use your phone as a reflector when you cross a road in the dark 5:29
Smell camphor to remove signs of tunnel vision 5:56
Start blowing or rubbing your nose to distract a predator 6:38
Make water safe after a natural disaster by adding drops of bleach 7:18

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If you are being pushed into a car, try to “accidentally” drop as many personal belongings as possible (but remember that it’s better to keep your cell phone with you). This could help the police find you faster.
If you’re in an elevator with a criminal, press the buttons for every floor. This will give you a chance to run away or signal someone. It can also baffle the criminal — and make you look like a lunatic.
Shake any drink, and pour it into a glass. If the bubbles spread to the sides, the weather will be good for the next 12 hours.
If you suddenly get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, make small holes in the sides of the tire, and stuff it with grass or thatch.
Stay attentive during the first 3 minutes of takeoff and the last 3 minutes of landing. Don’t get distracted! According to statistics, 61% of all accidents in the air occur in these time periods.
If your kitchen stove or the oil in your frying pan catches fire, do not try to extinguish them with water. Why? Water repels grease and oil, and the fire can spread when you splatter it with water. Instead, pour a box of baking soda onto the burning area.
Panic is one of the main factors that decrease your chances of survival in a dangerous situation. Therefore, it’s important to stay calm and follow simple actions that will help you stabilize yourself.
You can use your cell phone or camera as a light reflector when crossing a poorly lit road in the dark. It will help drivers see you on the road and react in time.
To remove eye tension, take a fabric pouch containing powdered camphor crystals or a bottle of camphor oil with you. When you feel tired, bring the pouch or bottle close to your nose, and take a deep breath.
If you are being threatened, act like a hysterical victim: cry, sniff, blow, or wipe your nose (even on your sleeve).
Water may be unsafe to use after a natural disaster like a hurricane, blizzard, or earthquake. Purify your tap water with bleach while you wait for the local authorities to announce that the water is safe to use.

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