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11 Most Terrifying Lakes on Earth


Lakes usually instill a feeling of calm and serenity with their clear water and light breezes. When you imagine a lake, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a calm pool of water where you can swim, sail, or just sit and enjoy the beauty. But are all lakes safe? Well, we don’t think you’ll wanna go anywhere near the lakes we’re gonna tell you about, let alone take a dip in their dangerous waters!

Have you ever heard, for example, about the Boiling Lake? Located in Dominica’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park, this lake can reach temperatures of 197°F along the edges. One more really dangerous lake is located in Africa. Weather conditions over it change so rapidly and without any warning that even experienced sailors have no idea when to expect danger...

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Lake Karachay, Russia 0:32
Lake Rakshastal, Tibet 1:24
Boiling Lake, Dominica 2:17
Lake Natron, Tanzania 3:07
Horseshoe Lake, California, US 4:02
Lake Nyos, Cameroon 4:40
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, US 5:43
Lake Michigan, US 6:39
Lake Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo 7:28
Lake Champlain, Vermont, US 8:26
Lake Victoria, Africa 9:09

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- Dubbed the most polluted place on earth, Lake Karachay is no body of water you want to be anywhere near. And that’s because it was chosen as a dumping site for radioactive waste back in the 1950s.
- Rakshastal is so salty that literally nothing can survive in its waters, and those who live in nearby villages consider it poisonous.
- If there’s a really notorious lake on our planet, it’s definitely Lake Natron. First of all, the water can get as hot as 120°F, the red stuff is salt so it’s certainly not a freshwater lake, and its pH level is about 10.5. This makes it so alkaline that very few creatures can live in it.
- There are lakes surrounded by lush forests and green pastures, and then there’s Horseshoe Lake that only has dead trees for hundreds of feet around. This lake is among the deadliest in the world because of its CO2 emissions.
- Lake Nyos is one of the 3 explosive lakes we know about. Its CO2 deposits at the bottom are quite dangerous, and even the smallest earthquake can trigger their release.
- Lake of the Ozarks located in central Missouri actually holds a dark secret: it’s downright poisonous! The concentration of E. coli bacteria in its water is so high that you can get sick just by swimming in it.
- Lake Michigan isn’t as safe as you think. Its underwater currents can be so rapid that if you swim in it, you won’t even have time to react when something grabs you and pulls you into the watery depths.
- Just like Lake Nyos, Kivu is an exploding lake and one of the It holds not only CO2 at its bottom but also about 1.94 trillion cubic feet of methane, an extremely explosive gas.
- There’s nothing toxic, explosive, or extremely hot about the waters of Lake Champlain. You see, Champlain is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of lampreys. Lampreys are blood-sucking parasites that latch onto their prey to feed.

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