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11 Easy Science Experiments To Do At Home


11 Mind Blowing Science Experiments To Do At Home.
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Time Stamp :
00:10 Atmospheric Pressure Experiment
00:58 Static Electric Experiment With Balloon
01:17 Candle and Water Experiment
01:48 Perfume and Bottle Experiment
02:31 Lemon and Balloon Experiment
03:06 Glass and Water Experiment
03:23 Balloon and Bottle Experiment
04:07 Vinegar and Baking Soda Experiment
04:46 Glass and Balloon Experiment
05:14 Bottle Smoke Ring Experiment
06:32 Bottle and Balloon Air Pressure Experiment
06:58 Balloon Experiment With Water

Disclaimer :
This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purposes only. All action in this video
performed by professionals and in safe place with full safety equipment's.
We highly recommend that please don't try to repeat any actions shown in this video. It can be
dangerous. The author will not be hold liable for any action performed by you.
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