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11 DIY Miniature Barbie School Supplies Really Work / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

Troom Troom

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11 Egg Tricks And Recipes:
Do you like to play with dolls, but ordinary games too boring? Then it's time to come up with something new! What about mini stationery and other school supplies for your favorite Barbie doll? Catch 11 new ideas for doll school!

Supplies and tools:
• Empty pushpin box
• Q-tip with rubbing alcohol
• Utility knife
• Modeling knife
• Candle
• Acrylic paints
• Felt
• Foam rubber sheet
• Velcro
• Hot glue gun
• Marker
• Sticky notes
• Tape
• Colored chalk
• Thin plywood
• Clay
• Wooden coffee stirrers
• Wooden skewers
• Wooden ruler
• Sponge
• Empty Tic-Tac box
• Sequin fabric
• Double sided tape
• Sheets of paper
• Patterned paper
• Stapler
• Colored pencils
• Wide straw
• Parchment paper
• Rich lotion
• Mini dispenser
• Glue
• Syringe
• Little printed school supply labels
• Awl
• Jump rings
• Flat pliers
• Black fabric
• Black satin ribbon
• Satin tassel

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