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100 Years of Girls Fashion — Lammily — Music by Edvin Marton


Lammily would like to thank the following for making this project happen…

Jonna for her dancing!

Community Day School, The Ellis School, and Winchester Thurston for letting us look through their historic year books.

Melissa Leventon from the Curatrix Group for her suggestions.

Pura Vida Vintage for providing the fashions and writing the descriptions for each fashion. Krystle Ramos is the owner and curator for Pura Vida Vintage in Nashville, TN. She has been collecting vintage fashion for over 20 years and has an archival collection that includes important designers from Hollywood’s golden era as well as couture pieces from the height of tailor-made fashion. Krystle’s love for fashion history keeps her searching for new pieces to rescue and preserve for future vintage lovers and fashion designers.

SunnyBand for providing the hair accessories.

Angie Mehlhorn for hair and makeup. 100 Years of Toys ★ Glam.com. 100 Years of Fashion: Nails ★ Glam.com. 100 Years of Patterns | Glamour. 100 Years of Japanese Fashion | Glamour. Kids Try 100 Years of Pies. 100 Years of Kitten Beauty in 60 Seconds. 100 Years of Beauty - TURKEY / OTTOMAN EMPIRE. Makeup Evolution. What Does the World Eat for Breakfast? Kids Try 100 Years of Chicken.

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