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100 Year old Twins on The Tonight Show

Colvins House

Inez Harries and Venice Shaw - twin sisters turn 100, with Jay.
They were my Aunts they were born 1/15/1911. Inez passed in 2-25-14 and Venice passed 8-9-16. Separated At Birth 33 Years Ago, Identical Twins Meet For The First Time | Megyn Kelly TODAY. Why Don't You Eat The Whole Damn Container. Homeless Man Goes On America's Got Talent - His Life Will Never Be The Same. G&G 'Keep your mouth shut while you're praying!'. Why Oprah Never Married Stedman. Ellen DeGeneres is Richer Than You Think... Rick Harrison Took A Gamble But Made Millions... Biracial Couple Gives Birth to Twins: One Black, One White | Good Morning America | ABC News. G&G Test Call With Jimmy Kimmel Show. The Stage Has Been Set, Trade Deal Close To Completion - At The End Of April, You Should Watch.

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