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100 Egg Yolk Pasta

Nick DiGiovanni

Homemade pasta is soft, velvety, and smooth. It's completely different from anything you can get from a box. And, get this. Things become even better when you add a delicious creamy sauce, truffles, and highend mushrooms such as morels and wood ear. And perhaps even a bit of edible gold, too. This pasta we've made today is therefore special for so many reasons, but I've even gone so far as to use 100 egg yolks in our dough. That's right. One. Hundred. Yolks.

That's a lot of eggs. And it was also lots of fresh pasta for my lucky neighbors. I did this to show you that, if I can make a massive fresh pasta dough with 100 eggs, you can do it with just three. Or five. I mean, at this point, you really have no excuse. Just go make some fresh pasta.

P.S. Thanks, Isabelle, for helping so much with the cleanup. Couldn't do it without your help. Also thanks to Pesto our hamster for just being generally a great guy.

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