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10 Wild Animals That Saved Peoples Lives!

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10 Wild Animals That Saved Peoples Lives!

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Wild Animals are amazing to admire, but most of them keep us humans at a distance for obvious reasons. I mean, who would like to get bitten by a poisonous snake or attacked by a fierce lion? Sometimes, however, wild animals behave in ways that we cannot understand and have given us pleasant surprises as they’ve come to the rescue of fellow humans.Today we’ll be looking at “10 Incredible Moments when Wild Animals Saved People” . Yes, you might remember a previous video in which I went through some events in which animals saved humans, but today we’ll focus solely on wild animals and admire these caring actions that go against their common nature. And yes, you’ll find some cases that were mentioned before, but you’ll also find new touching stories that will once again, melt your heart and teach you impressive lessons about care and kindness. Stay tuned all the way to number one you’ll be quite impressed to see what this animal did for a child.

Let’s begin.

Deer Saves Woman

Who doesn’t love seeing deer in the wild? These kind animals are fun to watch and interact with, although a lot of times they run away from humans, fearing we might hurt them. Back in 2012, a woman was attacked by a man in Oxford, Ohio. He grabbed her by the straps of her purse, attempting to steal her belongings and likely, ready to do worse if it wasn’t for a deer that jumped from underneath some bushes and scared the stranger away. The woman left the scene with some bruises and red marks, but no major treatment was necessary. She even got to keep all of her belongings. All of this was possible thanks to the help of a brave deer. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if this noble animal hadn’t been around. A police officer who attended this case said that he had not seen a case like this in his seventeenyear long career.

Sea Lion Saves Man

Sea Lions are wild marine animals that pose no serious threats to humans, but they still attack from time to time. I guess this really didn’t matter to Kevin Hines back in 2000 when he was ready to lose his life after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Kevin was so ready to end his life due to bipolar disorder and a serious psychosis. As soon as Kevin jumped, he immediately regretted his decision, but then it was a bit too late to change his mind, or so he thought. Kevin survived the fall, with some serious injuries. He then saw a strong and big marine animal coming after him, and he thought it was a shark ready to devour him. Kevin started hitting the animal and doing whatever was possible to make it go away. To his surprise, the creature was not a shark but a marine sea lion and the friendly animal just wanted to help out. The sea lion was circling around the injured man and bumping him up so he could stay afloat. Someone spotted the scene and immediately called for help. Kevin lived to tell this story, but I’m sure the outcome would have been different if the sea lion had not been around.

Jambo the Gorilla

And now it’s time for a story that you probably heard before, especially if you don’t miss any of our videos. It’s a heroic act worth remembering, especially in a time when people seem to have forgotten that wild animals can be kind, even when they look threatening.

The protagonist of this story is Jambo the Gorilla. It all started when a fiveyearold boy fell inside his enclosure. The boy was unconscious, which would make anyone think he was an easy prey for the gorillas. Jambo was quick to come near the boy and started caressing him, while keeping him at a distance from other gorillas who didn’t seem that friendly.

This all happened back in 1986, a time when only a few privileged ones were able to take some photographs and home videos to document the moment. Flash forward twenty years into the future and you have the story of Harambe and his controversial death in 2016 a year in which pretty much everyone has a smartphone to document these events. But also a year in which a lot of people could be learning from stories like Jambo’s to find better ways to address incidents like these.

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