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10 Times WOOX Proved He Is The Best PvMer in OSRS

Nevelpanter OSRS

10 Huge PvM accomplishments by the legend himself, WOOX.

Underneath, you can find the beginning time of each clip, together with the date and a link to the original video.

00:00 Entered the RuneScape Hall of Fame and won a Golden Gnome for his unmatched ingenious in PvM (September, 2016):
01:14 1. First to solo Bandos with 1 item (March, 2016):
02:16 2. Outlasted all other competitors in the Third Deadman Invitational, but was disqualified for abusing a mechanic. Later he was donated $10.000 from Mod Ash. (October, 2016):
04:39 3. First to solo the Corporeal Beast with only potatoes to heal (October, 2016):
05:42 4. Created a comprehensive guide to soloing the Chambers of Xeric, requiring the innovation of many new methods (February, 2017):
06:11 5. Received a twisted bow from a solo raid (February, 2017):
08:10 6. First to complete the Inferno and obtain an Infernal Cape (June, 2017):
10:38 7. Won the 1st place in the 'overall' King Of The Skill section by getting 1607 levels in 24 hours! 33 level margin from 2nd spot (November, 2017):
14:41 8. First to complete the Inferno without food or potions (February, 2018):
15:48 9. First to solo the Theatre of Blood (September, 2018):
20:20 10. Releases Alchemical Hydra Master Guide 2 days after release (January, 2019): 750m+ Gear Distracting Pkers then 1 Hitting Them! (S1E3) - OSRS Pking. The Dark Bow Assassins! (Revenant Caves Tribe Event). He Is Done OSRS, Finally Gets A Reward, HCIM Gets What Hes Been After OSRS. HCIM GETS HIS 3RD TWISTED BOW, Then Hacked For Them All ON STREAM!, TROLLED PET (BEST OF OSRS #471). He Is Done OSRS, New Jagex Update, He Makes A Huge Mistake OSRS. Woox OSRS, He Cant Believe It OSRS, New Jagex Update. a 7,000 Hour Journey in 20 Minutes: Maxed Without Banking on Runescape. Streamers Reaction to Completing Inferno. Top 5 Strangest Collections - Oldschool Runescape. I made a 10 hp F2P PKing Machine, here's how.

posted by manhagatyl