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10 Times Animals Messed With The WRONG Opponent!


10 Times Animals Messed With The WRONG Opponent!

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You don’t need anyone to tell you that things always get crazy when it comes to wildlife. It’s not always
about the serene beauty and lush grasslands. The animals of the wild can be brutal and in very many
cases, they are gruesome killers too. They fight and battle to the death for defense, protection, and
sometimes, even for sport.
Today, we are going to show you 10 animals that picked the wrong animal to challenge and messed with
the wrong opponent. Stick round to learn about the legendary tigress of Ranthambore that killed a
crocodile in an epic battle.


There is something unbelievably riveting about watching two of Africa's biggest and heaviest animals,
the hippo and rhinoceros, battling it out in the thick. Or is that just me? Anyway, somewhere near the
airstrip in the Mala Mala Game reserve, a national park in South Africa. In the footage recorded by the
reserve's head ranger, a hippo that was clearly way in over its head can be seen trying its luck with a
group of rhinos.
The area surrounding the airstrip was already barren, and the hippo wandered right into the rhinos'
territory. These rhinos just didn't like another chunky boy waltzing into their territory. The head ranger
also noted that such an interaction was very rare, and fights between both huge animals were unnatural
at best. Side note, a group of rhinos is called a crash. Don't ask why, I don't know either, but I'm sure
that one unlucky hippo flight might have figured it out.


Ah yes, the creepy crawlies of the wild, wild, west. These guys get into fights too, and although they
might not be anywhere as huge as other animals, it can get down and dirty. This footage was recorded
by a 9yearold kid resident in Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA.
Here is an epic battle between a giant tarantula and a spiderkilling wasp, also known as a tarantula
hawk. The footage showed the tarantula hawk or spider killer trying to paralyze its enemy by stinging it.
After stinging its prey and paralyzing it permanently without killing it, the wasp would then drag it to its
lair, where it would then lay a single egg inside the tarantula's abdomen.
When the egg hatched, the little baby wasp would start eating the wasp from the inside out while the
wasp would still be alive and in tremendous pain. Does nature always have to be so gruesome about
these things? In this scenario, the wasp was trying to look for a host for its babies, and the tarantula was
trying not to get turned into a wasp incubator. That's some pretty heavy stuff right there. Who would
you root for?


You know when you and a sibling or a family member get into a fight, and everyone's just angry and
irritated, and there's a lot of yelling? I mean being in quarantine for what, almost a whole year, tends to
do that to you so imagine what it would do to animals. Just take that scenario and multiply that by a
hundred, and you have what happened at the Woodland Park Zoo in May 2020. A group or family of
gorillas broke into a fight when none of the zookeepers or other humans were awake. The cameras
revealed the truth.
Gorillas tend to be more on the gentle side, but they sure do pack a lot of heat with their bite force and
muscle power. If anyone takes a blow to the head from these animals, it could even be fatal. They might
be gentle giants, but family conflicts do occur among them. That's just nature. A baby gorilla was caught
in the crossfire and was badly injured, sustaining a gory bite to the head, a fractured skull, and a severe
laceration. Poor little thing.


If you grew up with siblings, this one might be a relatable fight for you. Have you ever had to boot an
annoying sibling trespassing in your room, or have you been the one getting booted out? Well, if you
have been in either of those positions, then you might understand what happened in October 2012 at
the Saint Louis Zoo.
An unfortunate curious raccoon found its way into the chimpanzee enclosure at the zoo. The
chimpanzees were not amused or interested in having any trespassers or visitors, so they chased the
smaller animal down and gave it a proper beating. I'm talking about a full on smacking around, fists
pounding type of beating. It was not pretty.

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