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10 Things That 99% Of People CAN'T DO!


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Some people can sing, some people can dance, and some people can do weird things with their bodies. We’re not talking about being able to do the splits or run a long distance – instead, we’re talking about the people who can contort individual parts of their bodies into weird shapes, much to the amazement of the rest of us. Today, we’re showing you 10 different strange tricks that you probably won’t be able to do.

We’ll be impressed if you can do any of these tricks, and make sure to let us know if you succeed. So, what are we showing you today? First of all is the paralyzed finger trick, which is actually less painful than it sounds, but pretty rare. We’ll be telling you how some people manage to wiggle their ears, and whether it’s down to nature or nurture as to whether or not you can raise one eyebrow.

We’ll also tell you about some of the tricks you might remember from your childhood, like being able to make weird shapes with your tongue, or how to sneeze with your eyes open. That last one might sound impossible, but you’d be surprised to hear that a few people have successfully done it without popping their eyes out of place. Other than these, we’ll show you how some people can tickle themselves – not that we’d want to – and we might even give you a little tip as to how you can fit your whole fist in your mouth.

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