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10 Superpowers You Didn’t Know The Joker Had


What secrets is Joker hiding from us? 10 Superpowers You Didn’t Know The Joker Had! Subscribe to our channel:

Why so serious? Don’t worry, we’ve got something to make you smile. When it comes to villains, there is no one more infamous than the villain that goes toe to toe with the caped crusader. Who are we talking about? Well, Batman’s number one arch nemesis, the clown prince himself, the Joker. But what makes the Joker such a worthy adversary? We know Batman has no super powers per se but he does have agility, skills, brains, and of course a lot of money. This is all well and good as he can fight crime just as good as those other heroes with supernatural abilities. So who better to match him than a guy who is also lacking some superpowers, or is he?
The Joker is able to withstand fighting with the dark knight because he has a high pain tolerance. But one other superpower is his fearlessness. Although that’s technically not a superpower in the traditional sense, we think that’s pretty awesome.
We also know the Joker is smart, he’s got genius level intellect, specifically chemistry. And what makes a better evil genius chemist? How about an immunity to poison? Oh yes, that definitely leads to one scary villain.
But how does the Joker keep fighting Batman? He gets put into Arkham enough, so how does he always get away? Well he’s a master of escape of course which of course is another amazing superpower you’d like to have if you were a supervillain. Want to know what other superpowers the Joker holds? Watch our video and find out.

posted by kleridesjz