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10 Superpowers Deadpool Is HIDING From You


10 Secret supepowers Deadpool doesn't want you to find out about.

When it comes to our favorite merc with the mouth, the power that gets the most attention is undoubtedly his healing ability. However, there are many other superpowers that our hero is hiding that most movie fans don’t know about. In the comics, we’ve seen him wield a vast array of helpful devices including an image inducer and a teleporter, which were ultimately deemed too powerful. His regenerative abilities have some side effects that most people don’t consider, like the fact that this makes him essentially immortal, and hugely speeds up his metabolism. If you thought that his fellow superheroes managed to fight a lot before tiring out, you have no idea about the extent of Deadpool’s stamina. Find out what superpowers Deadpool has been hiding from you, including a very strange and unsavory tidbit about the way that he tastes. Let us know which of these powers you’d like to see in the next movie, and then click subscribe for more videos from CBR.

posted by kleridesjz