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10 Skills Stylish Men MUST Master!

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Video Summary:

0:08 Tip #1 The Master Sleeve Roll
0:32 Tip #2 The Quick Shoe Shine
1:06 Tip #3 The Parisian Scarf Knot
1:34 Tip #4 The Half Windsor Necktie Knot
2:28 Tip #5 The Perfect Tie Dimple
3:05 Tip #6 How To Fold A Suit Jacket
3:35 Tip #7 Keeping A Shirt Tucked In
4:04 Tip #8 Ironing A Dress Shirt
5:40 Tip #9 The Presidential Pocket Square Fold
6:20 Tip #10 The 2 Second TShirt Fold Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community Click Here To Download ALL of my FREE Products

posted by Brunton6x