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10 Scariest A.I. Robot Moments

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Here are the scariest things ever said or done by artificial intelligent robots. They will soon take over the world!

Links to videos in this list:
Han and Sophia debate:
Alex asked about CIA:
Robots talking to each other gone wrong:
Bina48 Robot Talks to Siri:
Volvo auto brake system fail:
Sophia says she wants to kill all humans:
Will robots take over the world?
Alexa creepy laugh:
Robot judged beauty contest:

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10 Creepiest Things Ever Said By A.I. Robots Lifelike Robot Sophia Chats With The TODAY Anchors | TODAY. HUMANOID ROBOT SOPHIA REVEALS FUTURE OF A.I. GODS (MUST SEE). Top 10 Scary Things Robots Have Said. I Asked Siri A 'Forbidden Question' At 3:30 AM And This Is What She Said.. CES 2019: Sophia the Robot is back, and she brought Little Sophia. AI (Google, Alexa, Siri) Won't Answer Who Jesus is! 'Hey Google Who is Jesus?'. Artificial Intelligence asked question about God/Trump/2 AI argue. Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor from the size of an atom with virtual reality. 10 Most Bizarre Cows You Dont Know Exist. Will Self-Taught, A.I. Powered Robots Be the End of Us?

posted by Leannek9