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10 Rare And Funny Moments Of Referees


10 Rare And Funny Moments Of Referees

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The happiest moment in football comes with a goal. And it is always delighted with the whistle of a referee. But officiating is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in all sports. Sometimes, we praise them for making the right call. At other times, we rebuke them big time for being a moron (even if they’re right under the rules). But while our love for the referee depends on the context of the game, some of them had generated more joy and fun in football than a goal whistle. And today, we at FactFile want to celebrate this legendary humor with the top 10 rare and funny moments of referees!

Number 10: The Fernanda Joke

The game was getting intense. Each player was hellbent on making a goal. And beads of sweat had begun to roll down from their cheeks like raindrops. By then, it was almost halftime at the Ecuador friendly match held on June 3, 2019. On that day, the famous Brazillian referee Fernanda Colombo held whistle for the match. For a few years, she worked as a model. She then moved on to sports analysis for a short while until she later decided that football officiating was the best job for her. Colombo was most notable for her funny pranks that added more fun to soccer in relevant situations like friendly matches. During this match, Damian Diaz, the Barcelona Sporting club midfielder, was her victim. He had just committed a basic foul, waiting for the referee’s final call. Fernanda, being herself, called Damian close and threatened to withdraw a warning card. The hands in her pocket are about to come out now. Wait… wait for it, there you go! It was a handkerchief. Oh Oh! She even wiped her face with it. What a joke!

Number 9: The Red Card On A Fellow Referee

Everything about soccer is tasking on the human body. And obviously, that stress hit a linesman right in the tummy. He jogs and runs around the field to ensure fair play. For this linesman on one Scottish Premier League like that, the breaking point was just before a corner kick. He began to feel a rumble in his belly. Whether it’s the sun or too much drink from the previous night, something’s gone rotten in his stomach. And he knows it’s never going to get better until it gets worse. But he keeps fighting it. Seeing his condition, a player moved closer and gave him a pat. He told the referee about his assistant’s clear distress. But that’s when a tidal wave of puke flared up his throat onto the unlucky grass. Onlookers were left sick and an applaud soon followed from the crowd. The referee, however, wasn’t so merciful. Instead of an arm, he floated a red card in the air. But then again, the linesman turned around and puked again. Would someone get him a barf bag, please?

Number 8: The Smile That Overturned a Red Card

Nowadays, football matches lack full hysteria like the good old days of Ronaldinho and Maradona. Back then, not everything was about goals. Some jokes were added to the mix and it’s not necessarily from the players alone. If that doesn’t flow well with you as a modern football fan, check out this evergreen Italian match between Inter Millan and the almighty AC Millan. It was quite a tough encounter and there are many exciting moments in this particular match. But let’s fastforward up to 30 minutes into the game when AC Milan was down by 1 0. You can see how Ronaldinho made a freekick that was deflected over the bar. But due to one reason or the other, the referee made a call he didn’t seem to agree with. So Ronaldinho walked up to challenge him. The referee tried to walk away but he won’t keep pursuing. Just when the ref’s had enough, he delved into his pocket out of rage. Next thing, he mistakenly issued a red card. Realizing this, he swapped up in a jiffy and it all ended as a joke.

Number 7: The Proposal Kickoff

What’s the best thing you’ve seen before kickoff at a football match? The opening ceremony? How about a marriage proposal? Back in 2019, a football match in Romania whistled off with one of the most heartwarming stories in football history. A few minutes into the match, one of the linesmen went on his knees in front of a female colleague. It was unclear what was about to happen and we all thought he had something to pick in his shoes. Out of the blue, he brought out a ring and along with it, he popped out loud the sweetest fivesyllabic question in the world will you marry me? Everyone was taken aback including the other referees, the players, and the fans in the stand. Although it was a shocking and romantic moment, such a feat couldn’t have been achieved in a single day.

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