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10 Popular Riddles That Will Trick Your Friends


Do you love riddles? Then this video is exactly what you need! It’s full of murders, mysteries, and puzzles! Just one warning before you start: only 10% of people manage to solve all 10 riddles. After each riddle, you'll have 15 seconds to figure out the answer. Are you up for the challenge?

A criminal escapes 0:44
An accident or a murder? 1:48
The door to freedom 2:50
Who is the murderer? 4:05
A horrible discovery 5:08
A dead goalkeeper 6:09
A haunted house 7:14
A vampire in the bathroom 8:30
A brainy smuggler 9:15
Where's the robber? 10:18


- A criminal was kept in a tower that was 150 ft high. From his accomplice, he got a pair of scissors and a rope. Unfortunately, the rope was just 75 ft long. Despite this, the next day the prison authorities discovered that the criminal had escaped. It's known for sure that he cut his rope in the middle. How did the criminal manage to escape?
- Brian and his new wife, Ann, decided to go on a honeymoon to the mountains. Brian bought them round-trip tickets, and they set off on their journey. One day, when the couple was hiking, they argued. Ann accidentally lost her footing and fell to her death. Brian returned home alone. There, he told the police what had happened to his wife. After that, the detective immediately arrested him on suspicion of the murder. How so?
- A man was kidnapped and held hostage. He was trapped in a basement until the kidnapper got the ransom. But even then, the criminal was unwilling to let the victim go. Despite this, he offered the man a chance to win his freedom. In the basement, 3 doors led outside. Behind the first door, there was a jungle with dangerous animals lurking behind the trees. Behind the second door, there was a giant dinosaur breathing fire. And behind the third door, there was a lake with water so cold that nobody could spend even a minute in it.
- When a husband came home, he knew it was late. His wife wasn't anywhere to be seen. The man undressed and went to bed. But he had difficulties falling asleep. A car passed by the window, and its light illuminated the clock on the wall. The man saw that it was 11:15 p.m. Then he looked under the bed and found his wife lying there. Dead. Why did the man decide to sneak a peek under the bed?
- On the outskirts of a town, there was a haunted house. A group of friends decided to check if the house lived up to its reputation. They went there at night. But as soon as they reached their destination, one of the friends refused to go inside and tried to stop the others. But they just laughed at him and went inside — leaving him behind. There were terrible crashing sounds from the house, and then everything went still. The guy who stayed outside never saw his friends again. How did the man understand that there was something seriously wrong with the house?
- One beautifully sunny morning, a vampire woke up pretty early and went to the bathroom to shave. He was in the middle of the process when he saw in the mirror that he’d cut himself. He had to go and look for his first aid kit. What's wrong with this story?
- A detective suspected a man of being a gold smuggler, so he organized an ambush at the airport. As soon as the man got to customs, he was stopped. He had only one suitcase. When it was opened, the authorities only found a few personal belongings. The detective had to let the man go. However, as soon as the man took his suitcase and headed for the exit, the detective realized that the man was carrying gold. Can you figure it out as quickly as the detective did?
- There are 3 neighbors who live in houses that are situated very close to each other. The police know for sure that one of the neighbors committed a robbery. It happened half an hour ago. But all the men insist they were at home when the robbery took place. Which of them is lying?

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