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10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Top 10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

All people are born unique. With perhaps the exception of twins, each of us are individuals quite
different from one another. However, there are some people born with characteristics so unique, you
would think that they came straight out of a story book. Today we will look at 10 people you won’t
believe actually exist. Better stay tuned for number 1 as I bet you thought that this man was just a
character in a fictional movie.

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Some people walk on all fours for fun, or for sport, but not for long stretches and certainly not for ease
of mobility. Yet five siblings in a family of 19 in Hatay, Turkey, walk not just primarily but only on all
fours, and lack the balance to do otherwise. Since the siblings were first discovered by scientists in 2005,
one popular explanation of their unusual quadrupedal gait was "reverse evolution"; meaning they could
be living proof that we can essentially devolve.
The five siblings are four sisters Safiye, Hacer, Senem, and Emine, and their brother Huseyn. All of them
can’t walk upright and have to move around on all fours doing a form of locomotion called “bear
crawling”. Although the five can stand upright, they can only do it for short periods of time.
The reverse evolution theory that is said to be the cause of the siblings’ unique condition has been put
into question lately, as scientists are currently looking in for other explanations for their conditions.
Recent studies have shown that their condition might be genetic in nature.

Number 9. Rudy Santos
Rudy Santos was born with Craniopagus parasiticus or more popularly known as a parasitic twin– one of
the world’s rarest medical phenomena. As the name suggests, this condition happens when conjoined
twins are not fully separated in the womb. In the case of Rudy, his undeveloped twin came in the form
of additional appendages and body parts.
Apart from two extra arms and a deformed right leg, Rudy Santos also has additional shoulders, nipples
and undeveloped head attached at his sternum. This head is notable for having its own ears and a hairy
scalp. Parasitic twins are so rare of a condition that Rudy Santos is now officially the oldest man in
history to ever live with such deformity.
Due to his bizarre case, Rudy captivated many curious onlookers during the ’70s and late ’80s. He was
the main attraction at traveling fairs and was aptly named “Octoman” to attract more audiences. Rudy
was a national celebrity in his home country of the Philippines back then—earning at least $300 every
single night.
Now retired, doctors have offered to remove Rudy’s twin for him, but Rudy declined, saying that he has
grown too attached to his twin, both literally and figuratively.

Number 8. Dede Koswara

Dede Koswara is just a fisherman from Indonesia, but he is known all over the world. At some point
during his youth, he scraped his knee, and so began his lifelong struggles as the world’s most famous
tree man. After his accident, his body became covered with abnormal growths that were especially
prominent on his hands and feet. Because of the rootlike growths on his extremities and the barklike
patches on the rest of his skin, his condition caused him to become known as “Tree Man.” His body is
incapable of stopping the development of the growths, so they become larger with time.
Dede suffers from a rare disease known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis also known as
LewandowskyLutz dysplasia. This disease is a hereditary autosomal recessive skin disorder. As a result
of the disease, Dede has a heightened susceptibility to human papillomaviruses. Also known as HPV,
these conditions are very easy for the common person to contract. It has been said that up to 80
percent of people may be infected with a virus without showing symptoms.
For over 20 years, Dede’s case has confused and intrigued doctors and scientists, but no one has been
able to completely cure it yet. Although he underwent multiple operations to remove the warts, they
always grew back again.

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