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10 Mistakes That Make People Use You


Have you ever noticed that a good person isn't often well respected? Psychologists believe the reason is mistakes these people make in their behavior. Here’re the most common mistakes you probably do so that people don’t respect you and never listen to you.

Needless self-sacrifice 0:40
A lack of self-respect 1:30
Seeking approval from others 2:11
Thinking that the problem is only yourself 2:54
Showing off 3:43
A fear of rejection 4:23
Being deaf to your interests 5:09
You don’t limit what’s acceptable 6:00
A fear of loneliness 6:43
You believe you need to earn respect 7:33

- Don’t be afraid to tell the world about what you don’t like. Actually, it might cost people nothing to meet you halfway. Otherwise, your needless self-sacrifice won’t be noticed by anyone at all.
- If someone behaves in a way that they don’t give a damn about you, it means they really don’t. Don’t look for excuses for rude people – they don’t deserve it.
- You don’t need to be told you’re a good person to be one. Also, don’t be scared of criticism. People will criticize you all the time for anything you do, for one reason or another. 
- There is no point in looking for someone to blame. Torturing yourself won’t bring you any love from others, but only pity. 
- You can show you are worth something only by believing in yourself and being yourself. When you know your value, you don’t need to prove it to anyone.
- Don’t be afraid to say "no." Even the nicest people in the world may try to use you if you allow them to. Help others only when you want to.
- Learn to listen to your desires, and don’t be afraid of offending others. Normally, our fears don’t have a basis in reality, and it’s always possible to find a compromise.
- You need to determine the limits of acceptable behavior, and don’t let others overstep these boundaries. People who agree to anything are not respected.
- You don’t need to choose between your relationship and your self-worth. When others force you to make that choice, then something is going wrong. Be brave, and don’t be afraid of change.
- You don’t need to "buy" love or respect. Learn to love and be loved unconditionally.

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