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10 Minute Upper Body Workout - At Home Strength Training With Dumbbells Fat Burning Sculpting


Fit in fitness 10 minutes at a time! This upper body sculpting session is both excuse proof and effective. Squeeze in a sweat session any time you are tight on time or add on to it with any of our other 10+ minute workouts here on our channel [don't forget to subscribe while you are here!]

These upper body targeted moves are easy to do in a small space at home [or anywhere you have access to hand weights].

During this full length upper body workout video we'll be performing resistance training exercises like front raises in a split stance, push ups, biceps curls, overhead presses and more, all designed to help build upper body strength and stamina. I'll show you options throughout the workout so you can make the moves work for you and adjust to your current fitness level as needed.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced [use heavier weights to make this more challenging]

Intensity: Moderate

Equipment: A set of dumbbells (and you may want a mat or towel for the floor work)

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posted by vanessannefanju