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10 Minute Photo Challenge Causes Pandemonium at Public High School

Jordan Matter

I snuck a ballerina into Rye High School in Westchester, NY, to see how many awesome shots I could get in 10 minutes. The students had no idea I was coming, and their reaction was epic, including a food fight after we left the cafeteria! Subscribe here and follow me on Instagram for daily photos and videos: https://www.instagram.com/jordanmatter/ Anna McNulty Crashes Eh Bee Family Vlog at Influencer Party (10 Minute Photo Challenge). EMOTIONAL PHOTOSHOOT FOR DANCER WITH CANCER. 10 Minute Photo Challenge Sprints Through Arizona. 2 Photographers Shoot SOFIE DOSSI. Handcuffed to My Kids for 24 HOURS *bad idea*. Ballerina and Mini STORM Sydney Harbor For 10 Minute Photo Challenge (Mail Time). DANCE MOMS BRYNN RUMFALLO ROCKS THE 10 MINUTE PHOTO CHALLENGE (plus an awesome giveaway). 10 Minute Photo Challenge Distracts Holiday Shoppers at Macy's. 10 Minute Photo Challenge with Dance Moms Elliana W. and Friends Rocking Venice Beach. Instagram Controls My Son's First Date **Cute**.

posted by nocionauxi