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10 Marvel Villains Still Lurking Around The MCU


Marvel Villains that can still show up in future MCU movies

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Villains come and go, but some of them have more of an impact than others. Some can get overshadowed by bigger villains and sometimes the heroes never realize that the villain even exists. In the confusion, as the dust starts to settle, there are villains that sneak off, break free or otherwise escape the hero’s grasp, free to lurk around and plot their eventual revenge. Sooner or later they pop back up again, ready to challenge the hero anew, especially in the comics.

Now that comic universes are movie universes, there are some villains waiting in the shadows ready to challenge the heroes again. Some of them were former allies, some of them were sidekicks of some other villain and sometimes they were just plain ol’ bystanders. Either way, they’re potential threats, so here’s some villains still messing about in the MCU.


Entry 1 - SURTUR
Entry 2 - THE LEADER
Entry 4 - MORDO
Entry 6 - MANDARIN
Entry 7 - ZEMO
Entry 8 - RED SKULL
Entry 9 - DORMAMMU
Entry 10 - THE ELDERS


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