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10 Mad Scientists Who Went Too Far


A staple trope of popular culture, the mad scientist is epitomized by a white robe wearing, frazzle haired harbinger of technology misused and calculations gone awry. But the reality is all too true, and scientists mad or otherwise ill-informed or ill-intentioned have certainly caused chaos in the annals of research. In this account, we look at 10 must-know mad scientists who took their research a little too far, including the Russian serial dog head transplanter, a Spanish researcher who remote controlled a live bull, and the German doctor who probed his own heart.

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10. Trofim Lysenko
9. William Buckland
8. Werner Theodor Otto Forssmann
7. Vladimir Demikhov
6. Jose Delgado
5. Stubbins Ffirth
4. Robert G. Heath
3. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov
2. Harry Harlow
1. Giovanni Aldini

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