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10 Jobs For Wombats


Wombats can do a lot more than dig holes and chew roots.
Here's 10 practical jobs for wombats!

Footage provided by 'Sleepy burrows wombat sanctuary'.

Check out their website to see their incredible work rescuing and rehabilitating wombats from the wild:

More info about Sleeby Burrows:
Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary is a self-funded wombat sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia. They specialise in rehabilitating injured, orphaned and pet wombats. They help orphaned wombats and teach them the necessary skills so that they can return and be released into the Australian bush, where they belong. The sanctuary was started initially to deal with injured wombats but over the years the amount of orphans or 'pet' wombats they receive has increased substantially.

Pet wombats in particular take a lot of time and dedication to reverse the damage done by humans but every wombat deserves the chance to live where it belongs.

Their work includes relocating wombats, assisting councils and farmers, educating children and people in general about wombats.

They have observed big changes over the years in terms of wombat location, injuries, stress on populations and so much more. Education is the key as is smart rehabilitation for the successful release of these animals back into the bush where they will in fact survive with the necessary skills.

If you'd like to help, consider purchasing a wombat mug from their web store. One mug can feed a wombat for 3 days!

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Image(cropped) of wombat in title attributed to JJ Harrison

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