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10 Heroic People Who Saved Animals Lives


Top 10 amazing people who helped save animals and pets in distress
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Our relationship with animals is complicated. For millions of years, humans have cohabited the Earth with animals and have had them be our best friends, our meal, and our feared enemy. There are thousands of different animals in the animal kingdom from pets like cats, dogs, birds, etc. to animals we keep in zoos and try to rescue from extinction. And then there are animals that we try to stay as far away from because they could be threats to our safety and our very life. But no matter what, we still love animals, and some love them to a point to where they participate in animal activism and refrain from eating animal products as a sign of solidarity.
We still depend on animals for our survival, whether we are consuming them, or using their resources for clothing and shelter. Thus our place in the animal kingdom is still dominant until we come to an age where we no longer need them and hopefully let them live as they should. But with the alarming rate of animals going extinct, we might have to learn to live without them soon.
In this video are several heroic people who put their own lives on the line to save the life of an animal. These people have been hailed as heroes in their towns and became celebrities known around the world for their heroism. It’s one thing to save a human, but to put it all on the line to save the life of an animal that will likely never return the favor is the prime example of heroism and humility. While some people may consider these heroes foolish, others think of them as honorable.

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