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10 Hero Cats Who Saved The Humans They Love!



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While they have long provided mousing services and companionship to people, cats are sometimes characterized as aloof, selfish, and mercenary in their relationships with humans. Here are 10 stories of Hero cats felines who defy this stereotype, whose bravery saved their owners lives.
#01. Masha, The Stray Cat
#02. Tara Saves a kid from a vicious dog
#03. Tommy who called 911
#04. Major Tom saves owner from sinking yacht
#05. Baby, the fire detector
#06. Fidge detects a breast cancer case
#07. Pudding saves his diabetic owner
#08. Duchess saves Zara from python attack
#10. Hero cat negotiator

Music by Argofox: NaiKee - Sunder
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