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10 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Change EVERYTHING


10 Fan theories about Harry Potter that will blow your mind.
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With the arrival of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” we wanted to revisit some mind blowing “Harry Potter” fan theories that are circling around the internet. You wouldn’t believe what fans have came up with! Some of these have been confirmed, and some are still a complete mystery. They include Crookshanks being Potter’s cat, Trelawney’s predictions coming true, foreshadowing in the first book, Nagini being Maledictus, St Mungo’s warning about Sirius, Harry and Ron’s psychic predictions, Colin Creevey’s Muggle parents, and more! These are the 10 “Harry Potter” fan theories that change everything!

Once you’re done watching our video, reread the books and we can promise you’ll notice plenty of more connections between the characters and the story. JK Rowling even approves of several “Deathly Hallows” theories, so we have a feeling more of them might actually be true! Don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings on YouTube for more “Harry Potter”!

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