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10 Gross Habits You'd Better Quit ASAP


We all have some everyday habits that are actually really dangerous to our health. For your own safety, and the safety of your family, you’d better stop doing these 10 things that seem good by mistake and follow some simple rules instead.
When you were a kid, your parents probably taught you to immediately brush your teeth after meals, not to sit in front of the computer screen for too long, and to never stand near the microwave when it’s cooking something. Well, it turns out, you probably should’ve given up some of these habits a long time ago.
Tooth enamel is the most solid part of the human body, but it becomes softer under acidic conditions, like after eating fruit or some dairy products. If you brush your teeth right after a meal, you can damage them by removing the enamel. Obviously, your eyes do get tired after staring at a computer screen for a long time. But being tired isn’t the reason why your vision might worsen. Microwave ovens aren’t as dangerous as many people think. In fact, this appliance is made in such a way that the electromagnetic radiation it produces can’t get out of its confines.
The human body is amazingly self-sufficient, doing for itself tons of stuff so that you don’t have to, and that includes cleaning ears. Cleaning out your nose can lead to some serious problems because you can open it up to outside bacteria.
Not all kinds of food really need to be washed before cooking. For instance, red meat and poultry should never be put under water.
For a long time, people thought that sitting with their legs crossed was a sure-fire way to develop varicose veins. But recent studies show that it doesn't lead to this condition at all.

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You have to clean your ears regularly 0:33
You shouldn’t stand near the microwave when it's working 1:47
You don’t have to close the toilet lid when you flush 2:46
You should always wash your food before cooking it 3:21
Clean your nose out if you need to 4:14
Built-up limescale in a kettle is a health hazard 4:54
Always brush your teeth after eating 5:31
Crossing your legs is harmful 6:23
Working on the computer is bad for your eyes 6:59
Hold the steering wheel at “10-and-2” 7:38

-When you clean your ears yourself, you end up doing more harm than good. When you intrude into the ear canal, you cause an increased production of earwax. When pushed down, it may block the canal, which, in turn, can lead to a temporary loss of hearing.
-Unlike X-rays or tanning beds, microwaves don't produce chemicals or radiation known to damage DNA and cause genetic mutations.
-If the toilet lid is left open, little particles of the “stuff” you left in the bowl get sprayed up to 6 feet when you flush, sending bacteria all over the place
-You should bake or boil meat without washing it beforehand. This way, the high temperatures will kill those harmful bacteria.
-To get rid of everything inside, you can blow your nose carefully or rinse it out with saline solution. Cleaning out your nose can lead to some serious problems because you can open it up to outside bacteria.
-Limescale is nothing but built-up calcium and magnesium carbonate. A lot of heartburn medicines are actually based on these chemicals, and people take them just fine.
-If you brush your teeth right after a meal, you can damage them by removing the enamel. Do it 30-60 minutes after a meal instead.
-Recent studies show that crossing your legs doesn’t actually lead to developing varicose veins.
-Being tired isn’t the reason why your vision might worsen. Use a monitor with the right level of brightness, take breaks, and blink more often so that your eyes don’t dry out.
-Experts actually recommend keeping your hands at “9-and-3”. This position will allow you to make turns even at high speeds.

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