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10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera

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10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera

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10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera
The earth was a land of giants. Why prehistoric animals had the tendency to grow to humungous
proportions, I don’t know, but these giants died down long ago. But, there are still giants roaming the
planet today, most of which are commonly known, some quite bizarre. Others are known and bizarre,
like the number one entry so you should stay tuned for that. Here are 10 giant creatures caught on

Number 10. The Strange Blob of Acapulco

In this modern day and age, people still believe that giant unidentified monsters still roam various
bodies of water worldwide. In fact, it seems that advances in marine exploration technology have even
reinvigorated the search for these legendary creatures. That and the fact that stuff like these get washed
up on beaches worldwide.
Back in March of 2016, a 13foot, unidentified blob from the sea washed up on a beach in Acapulco,
Mexico. Some scientists believe the creature to be a whale, and others a squid. And of course, people
the Internet think it's a "terrifying monster."
Whatever it is, the creature appears to have died shortly before beachgoers discovered it. Though it was
not fully decomposed, it was well on its way.

Number 9. A Giant Anaconda

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to see while working at a construction site is a giant anaconda,
and that’s exactly what these construction workers came across with while doing some construction
work in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para, Brazil. They discovered the giant snake
immediately after setting off a controlled explosion.
At 33 feet long and weighing 63 stone, or 462 pounds, it’s one of the largest anacondas ever seen, dead
or alive.
After making the frightening discovery, the workers chained the animal to a crane and later lifted it up
to reveal its yellow spotted under belly a move which was criticized in the comments when the clip was
uploaded to YouTube.
People say the builders killed the snake rather than leave it in its natural habitat but this has not been
confirmed. Others believe the animal may have died in the explosion, possibly being hit by falling debris,
as its head appeared flat in the video footage.

Number 8. The Jacksonville Dinosaur

Not many dinosaur sightings have been reported in the past few years. Highly understandable because,
if you didn’t already know, these giant reptiles have been extinct for millions of years. But despite that
fact, there is still a large number of people that believe in the possibility that some of these creatures
somehow managed to survive to this day, existing in secret in some far flung unexplored jungle or at the
bottom of a particularly deep and murky lake, or standing in plain sight in downtown Jacksonville,
The video looks like it’s that of a reporter covering some story in downtown Jacksonville. Some sound
must have startled them because they suddenly panned the camera to look over the fence into what
looks like a construction site when they saw the large reptile. The camera was so shaky; we can’t really
see if the thing was moving.
So, did they really capture a giant dinosaur in Jacksonville? Or was this video uploaded at around the
same time as the construction of a dinosaur attraction in the Jacksonville Zoo and was done to promote
the thing? Probably the latter.

Number 7. A Cassowary

When big birds are the topic of a conversation, ostriches and a certain giant yellow bird from Sesame
Street comes to mind. The subject of this entry on our list doesn’t get much love, which is quite unfair
really, because they are certainly fascinating creatures.
They are cassowaries, a large flightless bird much like the ostrich. Scientists say that they are direct
descendants of the dreaded Velociraptors, and their ferocious reputation shows this relation. You see,
they are far from being mild mannered.
In this video, you can see one of these giant birds attacking a zoo keeper, who’s trying to desperately
defend himself with a rake. I don’t know what’s more terrifying; the fact that those legs end in sharp
claws, or the noise that it makes when it lunges forward.
Despite their ferocious reputation, some people do keep them as pets, and as expected, there are
reports of one of these birds fatally attacking its owner. One such event happened in Florida when a
man was attacked by his pet cassowary when he accidentally fell to the ground while in the enclosure.
After the attack, he was surprisingly still able to dial 911, but still succumbed to blood loss.

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