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​Cute Rug ideas

Rugs give that little extra cozy touch to our house, especially when they are crafted by us. So, in this video compilation, we show you so many different ways to create your own rugs for different purposes all around your house. You teach you how to turn a towel into a bathroom rug, how to make a fun rug using old fabrics and cotton balls and even rugs that you can hang on your walls.

In the first video, we show you how to turn an old dirty bathroom towel into a cute fluffy rug using wool knit. Firstly, you take a long stripe cut from a cardboard box and you tie the wool knit all around it. Then, you add some hot glue all along the side and glue it on your towel. Then you cut the side of the woold knit and remove the cardboard box. Do the same all over the towel.

In order to make a squishy rug that has a very uneven fashionable shape take a round piece of fabric and sew some thread all around it. Then, add some cotton balls in the middle and pull the thread to close the fabric into a ball. Repeat the same process with different shapes of fabric and different colors of fabric and sew them all together and enjoy as a bathroom rug or make it bigger as a bedroom rug.

We also show you a great technique to make pompoms out of wool knit using your hands. Then you place those knit balls into a square mesh wire and tie them together to keep them steady. Then you can add different colored wool knit and create a colorful rug that you can have on the side of your bed.

Another awesome hack we have is how to make your own bathroom rug using old towels. This one is great especially because bathroom towels on their own are quite thin, but in this trick, we show you a different way to put 3 different colored towels together. Watch our whole video demonstration to see how we braided those three towels together and we created a beautiful round bathroom rug.

Watch our video to discover ways to make a bathroom rug using wine corks and a massage rug using rocks.
0:40 - DIY puffy rug
1:17 - DIY pom-poms
2:30 - massage rug
4:31 - Wine cork rug
5:44 - Front door rope rug
6:50 - How to keep a rug in place
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