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10 Biggest K-POP Controversies Surrounding BTS That Suprised The Nation


BTS Controversies You Never Know About In KPOP.
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KPop music is known for their squeaky clean image and uncontroversial lyrics...but BTS, AKA Beyond The Scene, is shaking all that up. Not only has this seven member band broken worldwide charts records and been the first South Korean boy band to make it in the USA, but they also have some pretty surprising controversies surrounding them. This is totally unusual for a KPop band to have such shocking secrets. From death threats, blackmailing, and even plagiarism, the controversies are anything but tiny. Plus, the issue with the rival band Exo and some words from a famous US rapper about some of BTS’ members. Jimin, Jin, RM, V, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook no one gets out scott free. Are these controversies just gossip or are they the real deal. Watch TheTalko video to find out and subscribe to the channel to stay up date on everything trending! Now let’s get to the BTS scandals at hand that surprised the nation! Does Jungkook Sleep In Jimin's Bed? BTS WORST PUNISHMENTS. BTS - Jimin Weight Loss Story 2013 - 2017. BTS Try Not To Laugh Challenge! BTS With Girls - Try Not To Laugh (방탄소년단 / 防弾少年团). 10 K-POP Stars BEFORE Plastic Surgery. Grammys Dark Secrets They Don't Want You To Know. BTS Taehyung Epic Fails Moments. 10 Strict Rules BLACKPINK Has To Follow On Tour. Inside The Lives Of The World's Most Famous K-Pop Stars.

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