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10 Best Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Home Alone

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10 Best Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Home Alone

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Being a dog parent comes with many responsibilities. It requires your time, attention, and commitment. And while this is something that a lot of dog parents are excited about, sometimes we just can’t be there for our furry friends 100% of the time.

Often, our jobs, relationships, and other life commitments will need to separate us from our dogs. But the problem is that dogs are generally really fond of their owners so most of them don't do well when left alone and separated for long periods of time. In some cases, they might even develop separation anxiety and become destructive.

So, if you are the 12hour workday kind of person, what kind of dogs would be a good fit for your lifestyle? Here are 10 dogs that can be left alone for long periods.

Number 10 Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is one of the most loved dog breeds in the United States. And a big reason for this is because they can stay home for long hours.

One thing to note about this breed, however, is that they require mental stimulation in the form of mental exercises even when they are left at home alone for long periods. So, you would need to find something for them to do to stimulate their minds while you’re gone.

They can serve as excellent guard dogs while you are out. Just don’t forget to leave them toys and chewables to make the stay less boring for them.

Number 9 Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is widely considered one of the most famous Asian dog breeds. They are very independent dogs. This is why they have no problem being left alone for long hours.

This sense of independence, however, means that they can be quite stubborn and would require proper training.

Just like the Miniature Schnauzer, the Shiba Inu should be left with activities or toys that will keep them mentally engaged. This is an intelligent dog that requires constant mental stimulation.

Number 8 SharPei

At Number 8, is another dog from Asia, the SharPei. This dog has a reputation for being a loner. Frankly, they couldn't care less that you spend most of your hours away from home.

They are very reserved dogs which makes them great apartment dogs. They truly don’t take up any room. They are not welcoming of strangers as they can be very protective of their space. Quite introverted, you might say.

SharPei's need to be well trained and socialized from puppyhood to ensure that they are well rounded and do not become utterly stubborn and aggressive.

Number 7 Maltese

Maltese are one of the most friendly dogs on the planet. These small dogs are excellent companions and lapdogs. Although they love to snuggle and be around their owners, Maltese are capable of staying home alone.

They have a sense of maturity that allows them to be alone without being lonely and destructive. That said, like every other dog breed, they require proper socialization and house training.

Number 6 Bullmastiff

The Bull Mastiff is quite a scary, large piece of muscle. Yet, this dog is largely inactive and quiet at home. It lives a sedentary life which makes it capable of staying at home alone for long hours. They also make excellent guard dogs. You can leave your Bullmastiff at home for hours and be sure your home is kept secure.

Despite their enormous size, Bull Mastiffs make good apartment dogs. They become calmer and reserved as they grow older and will benefit from proper socialization and house training at a young age.

Number 5 Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a very independent dog breed. They tend to have a mind of their own, which can be a challenge when training them.

However, this makes them just the perfect candidates to be left at home for long hours. They are the perfect illustration of the term "couch potatoes". That said, Basset Hounds are very easy going and quite intelligent. They are loyal to their owners and love being around them but they aren’t too clingy. Wouldn’t they just make the perfect partner?!

Number 4 Boston Terrier

Although Terriers have a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for hours, the Boston Terrier doesn't have this problem.

Boston Terriers have an independent side to them and although they cherish the presence of their owners, they have no problem being left on their own for long hours.

Boston Terriers are an active breed. And so, leaving them at home with toys and chewables is all you need to keep them occupied while you are busy at work.

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