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10 Beauty Rules All Royal Family Members MUST Follow


10 beauty rules every member of the Royal family must obey.

When it comes to the royal family, they follow a lot of traditional etiquette rules that may seem strange to us. This also extends to their beauty and fashion, and some of the regulations are surprisingly strict. We’ll let you know what article of clothing the Queen would never be spotted without, and why Meghan Markle wearing ripped jeans caused such a stir. There’s a reason that you won’t see Kate Middleton wearing bright nail polish, and we’ll tell you what she prefers to put on her nails instead. Although some of the rules may seem arbitrary, there are good reasons for lots of them. We’ll explain why royal women choose clutches over purses, lipstick over lip gloss, and what special addition they make to their hems. Do you think that these rules are a good idea, or are they extremely outdated? Let us know in the comment section and then click subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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