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The high stakes world of professional sports has led many people to take unthinkable risks in the hope of getting ahead, today we are going to look at 10 athletes who got caught cheating and paid the price for their action.

10. Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa was a legendary Chicago Cubs outfielder who remains to this day, an indelible part of sports history, with over 600 career home runs he was also the first player to hit 66 home runs in a single season! Slammin’ Sammy captivated people all over the united states with his ability to launch the ball hundreds of feet through the air with mighty swings of his bat, but his career was also marred by accusations of foul play. In 2003 Sosa was atbat against the Tampa Bay Devils when he hit a ball so hard that it snapped his bat in two! Even though he was known for his mighty bat blasts, this was still a bit suspicious to officials who retrieved the pieces of Sosa’s bat and quickly discovered that it had been hollowed out and filled with cork. This highly illegal practice is used to lighten the bat, meaning that a powerful batter can achieve greater speeds with less resistance. In the aftermath, nearly 100 bats belonging to Sosa were tested and no others were ever found to contain cork, according to him, he used the corked bat in practice and never meant to bring it on to the field that day. While no one may ever know for sure, the incident left a permanent blemish on the career of a baseball legend.

9. Sal Alosi
On December 12 2010 the New York Jets squared off against the Miami Dolphins, when with 2:58 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, New York Jet’s strength & conditioning coach did something unthinkable. As #28 Miami’s gunner, Nolan Caroll was speeding along the sidelines Alosi decided to seize the opportunity to stick out his knee, effectively tripping Caroll and sending him tumbling to the ground. The 203pound cornerback laid on the ground for several moments as doctors came to assess him, in the end, he was alright and was able to return to the game, however when the footage was reexamined Alosi’s actions came to light and he was fined $25,000 and suspended for the remainder of the 2010 season.

8. hand of god
Diego Armando Maradona was an Argentinian footballer from the mid1970s until the mid’90s. But one of the most memorable moments in his career occurred during a 1986 quarterfinal match between Argentina and England in which Maradona scored a seemingly impossible goal. But upon closer examination, it became clear that he had used his hand and not his head, both referees agreed that the goal was good but many fans and the English team contested it. Maradona stood by the goal for nearly 2 decades later in 2005 Maradona confessed publically on his tv show, saying that he knew all along that he had scored with his hand. In this case, Maradona managed to away entirely Scott free.

7. Julie Miller
The 2015 Canadian Iron Man competition was set to be another in a long line of wins for Suzanne Davis who was leading the triathlon event by nearly 10 minutes, but as she honed in on the homestretch another runner materialized out of nowhere, this mystery runner was Julie Miller and Davis wasn’t the only one who was surprised to see her, most of the spectators and even fellow runners couldn’t recall seeing Miller advance. What followed was a 3week long investigation that eventually concluded that Miller had, in fact, skipped large portions of the course, allowing her to finish in an impossibly quick time, following the discovery she was disqualified and Suzanne Davis took her rightful spot as the winner.

6. Luis Resto boxer
Luis Resto was an up and coming professional boxer when he squared off against Billy Collins Jr. at Madison Sq Garden. Collins was undefeated and a definite favorite to win, however as the match went on, Resto laid a vicious beating into his opponent, after 10 rounds, Resto emerged as the clear winner, across the ring Collins sat badly injured but when Collins father tried to be a good sport by shaking Resto’d hand he noticed something wasn’t right with his glove.
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