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10 Actors Who Got Huge Roles WITHOUT Auditioning

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Can you believe Scarlett Johansson never auditioned for the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2? 10 Actors Who Landed Huge Roles They Never Auditioned For! Subscribe to our channel :

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Sometimes the actors who directors want to cast in their films don’t work out and they have to look elsewhere. Sometimes they don’t even require them to audition.
Vin Diesel was not the first choice to play Dominic Toretto in Fast and the Furious but helped make the franchise one of the best in history.
Miles Teller and Emma Watson almost starred in La La Land instead of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It was a last minute shift by the director.
James Mcavoy came in towards the last minute in M. Night Shyamalan's movie Split. It was originally supposed to go to Joaquin Phoenix.
Joel Kinnaman lucked out on getting the role in Suicide Squad next to alongside a great cast.
Casey Affleck was given the role in Manchester by the Sea by longtime friend Matt Damon after scheduling issues arose.
Emily Blunt was originally going to play Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2 but had scheduling issues with Gulliver’s Travels so the role went to Scarlett Johansson.
Hugh Jackman rose to stardom after landing the role of Wolverine.
Jason Statham had just what British director Guy Ritchie was looking for in his first film, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels launching Statham to Hollywood fame.
Mel Gibson happened to drive a friend to an audition and the director liked what he saw in him. Gibson was back on set a few weeks later and gained the lead role in Mad Max.
John Wayne caught a break when he befriended director John Ford who eventually gave him his shot at the lead role in Stagecoach.
It’s hard to imagine movies without the star actors sometimes, right? What if any of these movies had a different casting? The movies would have been much different in the long run and maybe not as good.

Script by: Eric Lehman

Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Simon Gilberg

Vin Diesel - Fast and the Furious | 1:04
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling - La La Land | 2:06
James McAvoy - Split | 3:12
Joel Kinnaman - Suicide Squad | 4:20
Casey Affleck - Manchester By the Sea | 5:22
Hugh Jackman - X-Men | 6:13
Mel Gibson - Mad Max | 7:11
John Wayne - Stagecoach | 8:13
Jason Statham - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels | 9:19
Scarlett Johansson - Iron Man 2 | 10:19

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