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1 Hour of CRAW'S BOW PURE (Revenants Prod)

Statistically Challenged

Today I took an insane account, built just for revenants, to the revenant caves for 1 hour to see how much money we could make. Low combat level, and high ranged combined with the Craws Bow is absolutely insane.

I call it the Craw's Bow Pure, or Craw's Prod whatever works for you. I haven't seen a better PVM money making method in OSRS for such a low combat level. After the 1 hour I racked in Mills and did not die once because all the max mains who try to pk can not attack at level 29 wilderness with my low combat level.

Revenants are still bank loot if you have the money and can afford to buy this weapon, you should get out there now, and make some easy cash. Still love the caves and the action there so more videos on that coming shortly.

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OSRSBeatz (Check his youtube channel)

posted by menudejask5